Stop The Notoriety – Please!

Today I woke up to horrible news out of Orlando, Florida. I don’t need to explain, because (unless you have been under a rock or something) it’s everywhere today.

My plea, and I am seriously begging, is that people, everyone, STOP sharing the photo of the shooter. Stop sharing the shooter’s name.

Let me ask you, of the widely publicized mass shootings, how many vicitms can you name? Take your time. Probably few to none. Now let me ask you this, how many of the shooters can you name? How many of their faces, the shooters, that is, would you recognize? Which is exactly my point.

Far too many of these mass shooters, and copy cat shooters, are seeking notoriety. Please, I beg of you, don’t give it to them. When someone posts their photos or names, respond with #NoNotoriety – and consider unfollowing media sites that insist on giving these sick individuals notoriety.

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