Hateful Sculpture in Milwaukee Needs to be Scrapped

Wow, how disgusting.

Matt Sweetwood

Hateful Sculpture in Milwaukee (Shorewood) Wisconsin Needs to be Scrapped

I flew to Milwaukee last week to surprise my oldest daughter on her birthday. Since she was unprepared for my visit, and hadn’t requested time off from work, my son-in-law took me on a tour of the area. The very first place he brought me to was the Village of Shorewood, which is just north of Milwaukee. He wanted me to see the picturesque view of Lake Michigan and a famous sculpture there. I am a photographer and he knew I would enjoy that location.

Instagram @MSweetwood Shorewood, WI Instagram @MSweetwood • Shorewood, WI

Jaume Plensa’s Spillover II • Shorewood, WI Jaume Plensa’s Spillover II • Shorewood, WI

2015-11-03 12.11.28

After taking a few shots of the lake and surrounding area, we walked up to the sculpture. It is an interesting piece of artwork depicting a crouching man, facing Lake Michigan, made of random steel letters. The artist is Jaume Plensa

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