“The Atlantic slave trade between the 1500s….”



…and 1800s brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations.”

Now, ain’t that a bitch??!!!! The above statement was brought to you by your favorite hosed-down version of history Textbook publisher McGraw-Hill or in other words, the ‘lily-whited assed version of the Africa-to-America slave trade that was really not slavery at all. You see, according to McGraw-Hill, the Africans got into boats when they heard that there were good paying jobs for all and they rowed to the shores of America, got processed, was given citizenship papers and was put to work on ‘agricultural plantations’ that paid them a decent wage. In fact, this version rivals my own. Read my version and then decide which version is more believable.


First Edition: The Unedited True Edition of Black History

Introduction: First of all, forget everything that you have never read in the…

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Conservatives’ solution for Gun Violence is School Militarization, and Michael Moore’s last words

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

The insanity of America grows worse.  Faced with the embarrassing choice between an epidemic of mass shootings which are endangering the lives of their children, and the mounting pressure to enact gun control laws, conservatives – true to their authoritarian nature – are resorting to the militarization of the nation’s schools as an ultimate solution.

Seriously folks, conservatives would rather turn America’s schools into police-state prisons than allow even a modicum of sensible gun control measures.  If that isn’t insanity, I surely don’t know what is.

From ThinkProgressHow Indiana Is Tackling Mass Shootings Without Gun Control:

The safety standards [Mason] Wooldridge [co-founder of Our Kids Deserve It, a group that works to promote what many might consider aggressive school safety standards] is working to implement in Indiana schools are no ordinary measures. [clarification added by TSJ]

They’ve already been implemented at Southwestern…

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When Sorry is not Enough: An Open Letter to All Parents of Children Lost to Gun Violence

I’m tired of sorry. It’s time for action. Who’s with me?

To All Parents Who Have Lost Children to Gun Violence:

I will no longer say I’m sorry for what you’ve been through, because sorry is not enough.  Sorry won’t make you feel any better. Sorry won’t dry your tears.  Sorry won’t bring back your beautiful children.

I was sorry on 12/14/12, the day of the Newtown tragedy.  I have been sorry every since.  But not much has changed, in fact the incidents of mass shootings are getting more frequent.

I was so sorry that I started a facebook page called Twenty Six Seeds of Love for Newtown on 12/19/12.  I have been saying sorry to those in Newtown ever since.  And though I know that many of the residents of Newtown follow my page and appreciate what I’m trying to do, it just isn’t enough.


Sorry is just a way of trying to make myself feel better.  It is a…

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